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Choose your News! This brilliant app, the ANP, or Alternative News Project, is created by my brother-in-law and is the first way in the world to receive all your alternative news into your phone or computer, daily, based on your topics of interest…and their are hundreds of topics!  Click here…

Alternative News Project App


For detailed information on the Gerson Therapy, visit the only official site at:

For legitimate books, media, DVD’s, more testimonials and radio interviews, visit:

View my friend, Jamie’s website, with good video’s on how much produce is juiced and eaten per day!

Links to some Resources on Cancer & Healing, Coffee Enema’s & Stoma Coffee Enema’s

An article on “My life with a stoma – the Gory Details”, Kat’s one year with a stoma.

Gerson Newsletter 2014 Summer

This Gerson Newsletter has a 3 page article on my journey with cancer and the Gerson Therapy, up until my stoma reversal operation (June 2014).


This document is a detailed “how to” undergo a coffee enema, including recipes on how to make the coffee, chamomile and water based solutions as enema’s. It is the ABC of enema!  – this link is to the Gerson Basic workshops, either to attend personally or register to view the online pre-recorded workshop. It is a brilliant resource: complete with 8-10 separate videos on  juicing, setting up at home, healing, detox reactions, how to prepare food, Q&A and more. Also with MP3 files of the videos which you can download into iTunes and keep listening to forever, and mobi & pdf files of books, healing manuals. Great value. Essential for those doing Gerson at home or wanting to detox or juice and not attend the Mexico clinic.

Stoma Coffee Enema

This document has details on “how to” apply a coffee irrigation style enema to a stoma from a colostomy. It has links to 4 YouTube videos I created on “how to” do the stoma enema from set up to pack up.


YouTube Links to Watch the Stoma Coffee Enema Video Clips.

This is my amateur home video, but if I had one such as this when I was beginning my stoma enemas, I would have received much benefit from it!

Part 1: Stoma Enema – Preparation

Part 2: Stoma Enema – Putting Enema liquid into Stoma

Part 3: Stoma Enema – Soaking Stoma

Part 4: Stoma Enema – Ending Enema & clean up



Any income I receive from this website will fund my organic food & expenses to live “Gerson style” over the next 2 years.


To listen to my SONGS (which will be regularly added to…)

Here is “Shower the People with Love” (James Taylors song)

and “Veggies your friend” or “Los Vectetalis son mes Amigos”


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