Gerson Therapy


The Gerson Therapy is an all-encompassing nutritional metabolic therapy that focuses on replenishing and detoxifying the body and restoring the immune system rather than targeting a specific disease or set of symptoms. There is no guarantee that any approach (conventional or alternative) will reverse all forms of chronic disease or cancer. The body is capable of healing itself if it can be restored sufficiently, and the Gerson Therapy gives it an excellent opportunity to do this in a natural way.” the Gerson Institute, San Diego, USA

The Gerson Therapy has been practiced and applied for over 70 years now. Dr Max Gerson, its founder, experimented on patients for over 30 years to develop a dietary therapy that effectively cures many forms of cancer.

“…Dr Gerson cures cancer by diet. This is a dangerous and heretical thing to say…but from the evidence that we have studied there seems no doubt that Dr Gerson cures cancer.” Prevention Magazing, August 1955.

The Gerson Institute in San Diego, USA, is a not-for-profit organisation that provides education, webinars, materials on how to apply the Gerson Therapy at home and attending the Clinica Nutricion y Vida in Mexico as an in-patient.

Talking to Dr Gerson and his staff about his treatment is a revelation. For the treatment is living proof of our belief that the most important single factor in good health is the right food grown in the right soil. And disease occurs in our bodies that have not had this kind of food. Not in a matter of days or weeks, but after years of nutritional abuse.” Prevention Magazine, 1955.

The Therapy is demanding, but could anything be too much trouble for curing cancer?

The Gerson Therapy is a unique but scientifically rigourous program of:

13 freshly pressed live juices throughout the day, coffee enemas for essential bodily detoxification, specific supplements and food cooked to retain minerals. The food is 100% organic, live and fresh and mostly vegan/vegetarian.

There is no added sodium (no salt, only sodium found in fresh veggies), no animal fat, and restricted protein on the diet.

Its as much about what you don’t eat as what you do eat too. Between the juices, organic food, enema’s and supplements (45 a day!!) the body is bombarded with so much goodness that the only thing left to detox is the past…what is stored up in the body historically, as nothing toxic is going in.

The program is tailored to each individual by a Gerson Doctor or an educator from the Institute if one cannot get to a clinic for a live-in experience.

The restoration of the liver is the principle task of the therapy”  Dr Max Gerson, p 280 Healing the Hopeless (

Dr Gerson came to understand that cancer is not a specific, localised disease. He observed over 30 years that it was a degenerative disease, occuring only after bodily deterioration had occured and the liver was below 35% functioning. The body’s cellular metabolism has been so impaired that it produces cancer.

Read about Dr Max Gerson here and purchase the fascinating biography “Healing the Hopeless”…

A cancer must be prevented by preventing damage to the liver. The basic measure of prevention is not to eat the damaaged, dead, poisoned food which we bring into our bodies. First of all, eat as much as you can of raw food, keep the potassium level up and take some iodine“. Dr Max Gerson


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