Life Begins…After Cancer


Gerson Ended, Herbalife Began, BEST came into my life and I bounced from the coach to Karate, from fatigue to FitClub!!

What a 10 months it has been. Last November we moved out of my in-laws and into a rental at Mount Coolum. It was a tough adjustment in all ways; financially, emotionally and not least of all, physically. At that stage the only way I could get the plates out of the cupboard was hands and knees on the floor, passing them up onto the bench top one by one. I had no core muscle strength, could not bend my knees properly and was wasted and weak from the second round of surgery to remove the stoma (colostomy reversal) and restore my large bowel. How blessed and fortunate I felt that was possible, and it worked! But 2 rounds of major surgery (another 5 hours under the knife), well the second “unzipping’ was hard to come back from.


Months of rehab ensued, with the help of a personalised Yoga Rehab-at-home program. Joyfully I began walking around our vegetative neighbourhood. It was blissful to be outdoors, strolling along the flat paths, past the forest of Mount Coolum and toward the glorious seaside! Every day I hugged myself with joy, happy danced around the house and felt INCREDIBLY ALIVE. All of me felt zingingly alive!alivejumpsnoopy

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL/TEFL) was underway, both online and I attended school. Simultaneously my dear and generous friend, Louisa visited, who had always asked me to come for a holiday break to her home in Malaysia, (where her maid  – that’s what is done over there – would do my juicing and enema solutions, food and washing, so I could rest, and so could Russell(back at home!), reiterated her kind offer. Over to Kuala Lumpur I flew in late May. It was life changing. We did a Transcendental Meditation course over 5 days, I rested, relaxed, regrouped.

The Gerson Therapy was coming to a close and on my mind was ‘what next’ health wise and creating my new life. Lou gave me an unintended Herbalife education, by giving me the products while I was captive!! Despite my wanting to not like them (I had ‘issues’), I found myself feeling really good on them; more energy, not so hungry, less tired, all in a few days. Hmmmm, I had to think about that one. I saw her world, met other people in the business, customers and distributors alike. I heard amazing stories of health, healing and wealth. It touched me. In a flash-bulb moment I saw all my knowledge, skills and abilities coming together under one umbrella to help people.

So many people need health awareness, wellness coaching and weight loss. With my Psychology degree, Human Physiology, Nutrition, Education background, coupled with my personal experience of eating Paleo, Macro-biotic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and Gerson, throw in the cancer experience, starvation and near death….I figured I had something to offer people. Post-cancer, I knew I wanted to help people to heal; body, mind, heart and soul. Herbalife is a match to that. i was stunned when I heard their philosophy, which was exactly the same as Gersons; give the body the nutrition it needs and it naturally works toward wellness! While it isn’t certified organic, it is clean, live, unsynthetic and it really does what it says. And believe me when I say that I was hung up on opinions and not facts for a decade!

I hear the real question on peoples lips; Why did I choose Herbalife? What I’m about to explain blew my proverbial socks off. After 2 years of juicing only clean, fresh, local organic produce covering the size of our large kitchen table weekly, and consuming as much as I could stuff into my body 3 times a day, my body was still deficient in minerals and nutrients! This is despite soaking, sprouting and food-combining a-la vegan style. It was not enough.

How did I know I was deficient? Two reasons. Firstly how I felt. Chronically tired, lethargic, and my muscles wasted from the cancer and surgery years. It was really hard to build them back up. Secondly, my regular monthly blood tests showed deficiency in Iron, Ferritin, Magnesium, Calcium. Though additionally, I was supplementing (58 tablets per day), and eating fish and eggs. Enter Herbalife (I kept on organics, juicing etc, no change there) and….no more iron deficiency, normalised Magnesium Folate Zinc Calcium. I had energy, beginnings of endurance and I felt markedly different. Shocking proof that a) our soils thus foods really are deficient, and b) Herbalife really is good stuff! Herbalife, plus organic and whole foods, plus exercise and fitness are part of my long-term wellness plan. Throw in B.E.S.T therapy and I have a  package to help just about anyone. That’s what I wanted. Food, Mood….Life’s Good!


Russ and I & so enjoyed the benefits of our BEST treatments with the skilled and gifted Donna Sutor, that we both knew that to learn it was for us. November will see us doing the training at Noosa. The Family BEST I was taught in May was a prelude to taking it deeper. Working at the level of the subconscious and beliefs, which run our lives, is rewarding. Balancing the nervous system is tremendously beneficial and all of us are thriving. Me, I’ve delightedly recovered a zest for life lost to me as a child. Like the dog that’s been let out of the gate after a long lock up!


The July CT scan plus the August colonoscopy confirmed that I’m 2.5 years cancer-free!! YIPPEEEEEEE. My surgeon told me that with every passing year the likelihood of metastases occurring drop dramatically, ’till at the 5 year mark there’s no risk at all.

Would I do Gerson Therapy over again? Yes I would. Would I do it as long as I did? No. Intuitively, I needed to discontinue it about March this year. I could feel I was negatively protein derived and in January/February both sets of doctors had to change my diet away from Gerson because I needed more sodium and had serious side-effects. But I was scared. Gerson was my life-line. It took my very compassionate and kind GP to show me that the best path I could walk was one that was in-tune with my body’s needs and that i really was ready for that.

Have I learnt from my cancer years? Yes. Much. Inside I am  permanently changed. It’s now ‘me first’. My care, my feelings toward me, my nourishment, caring for my body, time with my love, my family; these things are all sacrosanct, No.1 and not-negotiable. Everyone and everything else comes second. Yes, i will grow a business, be a working parent and wife. My burning desire is to to give, help and care for others…after myself! Consequently our son is super self-sufficient. Selfish is the new self-love peepoh!


Here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts and the JOY of living!  heart


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