World’s First Alternative News Service

Do you want both regular mainstream news AND alternative news?

News that is not reported in mainstream media, but is sourced, verifiable and valid? News and information that is scientifically based or passed over by the main media outlets?

Well, here it is! The first ever alternative newsfeed in the world, the Alternative News Project or ANP. 

The link below will take you to the website.

There’s two easy options: subscribe your favourite topic for FREE, or subscribe to as many topics (or the entire categories) for $4.95 per month. You can be as selective as you like and customise your daily news feed. For example, if your hot topic is GMO’s, vaccination, cancer, health and healing, or UFO’s, Power off Grid…there are so many subjects to choose from.

Why am I advocating this news service?
Firstly, I’m a subscriber and want an easy-to-source newsfeed daily. No longer do I need to troll the search engines for information, it comes to me daily! And, my brother-in-law, Duncan Roads, is the brains behind this innovative and future-sighted project. He has run the very credible and influential Nexus magazine for decades and
has been a world voice on news that mainstream media refuse to run. He wants people to hear more of the truth and make informed decisions.
Check it out..
and remember….be kind to yourself and ‘bring love’ to all you choose to do! XX Kat

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