Love isn’t sacrifice; its Passion!

This morning as I woke up I read this Anita Moorjani post on my FB newsfeed and it clanged around in my heart and chest like a resounding bell for hours:

“I am here, on Earth to express love and passion in all I do”.

You know when the light bulb goes on and the truth of the statement just keeps on coming and coming to you? That was this statement for me today.


Ponder on it. That means, you only take action, do stuff that you feel passion for or love for – all of the time, 24/7 and nothing else! This could be very scary. A real game-changer. Or it could be the permission we all needed to bust out of a rut and go for it. It could look like the most selfish thing on earth. Maybe love is really selfish? But if were all ‘selfish’ in this way….the only thing that exists would be people doing things they love, with people they love, passionately enjoying life. Not the planet I live on!

Can you try this? Take the challenge for one day. Make the choice to only do things where you express your love and passion.

Think about this for example, your kids want you to take them to sports. Not feeling the love or the passion? Don’t do it.

Your asked by your children to baby sit your grandkids. Not feeling passion for that task? Don’t do it. Say no today.

You usually cook the family meal. Not feeling any love for food prep, no passion for cooking? Don’t do it.

Today is a work day, not feeling any love for work, no passion for it. Don’t go. Yoga is on the schedule, no passion for it today? Don’t do it.

Today is clean the house day, not feeling the lurv? Want to lie down and read a book all day long. Act on your passion today.

Last week you promised your friend to help move house. Today you loathe the idea, not feeling the love. Say no!

Leave a vacuum for someone else who is feeling the passion to step right on in and do that thing.

Does that bring up feelings of guilt? Horrific thoughts of “I can’t possibly do that?!”, or “My kids will rebel, riot and revolt”?.

Or maybe, “what will they think of me?”. And “I should be doing this” or this doozy….that’s not love…that’s my duty, I have to do that as a parent/mother/grandparent/sibling/employee etc.

And, If I can’t say with love, care, kindness, tenderness, to nourish, to nurture, to care…then don’t speak.  If the words are not genuinely constructive, uplifting, designed to offer love….be silent. Hmmmmmmm.

I reckon this is the ultimate way to decide whether your heart is in your life or not. One day of this could be hard going, could be life-changingly liberating, earth-shatteringly terrifying or just what the doctor ordered.

It’s a sure-fire way to reveal if you, me, us are living from any passion at all. How much love have we put into our lives? How much of our life is obligation, must-do’s and have-to’s?


But doesn’t this notion turn your life on its head? And at a guess, it will show how much those around you have put the love and passion into their choices too. What I mean is, if you choose to paint a picture all day, or walk the dog for hours when you otherwise would be doing an obligatory task for someone else (kids, partner, parents etc) and those some-one else’s have a few negative things to say to you (or not say but you feel the vibe anyways) are you going to be guilted into doing what they want you to do…get into the sacrificing yourself mode? Or are you going to go with the “love” choice and see where the proverbial pieces lie? Come up with other solutions for them? Or let them come up with solutions themselves and you simply support them to do the new thing to get what they wanted?

This whole statement and approach opens up the proverbial can of worms about how to live our lives and be happy. If I only eat what I feel love about, inspired about, if I only choose activities that I feel passionate about today, right now, if I am only with my child, husband, friends when I feel I want to connect with them, give my love to them, express kindness, care and warmth to them, seeking nothing in return…I will feel so much love that is already inside of me and will naturally feel happy. If I seek to feel God because I want to give love, not get it, then I will automatically feel a deep loving connection too.

For me, I’m realising post-cancer, that happiness is first doing what I love, with a genuine feeling of love, and feeling passion for all that I do, for all whom I’m with and if I’m not, stopping to examine. To examine why I don’t feel OK about what I’m doing, but am doing it anyway. Taking the leap of faith that choosing work, tasks and activities where I feel love and passion, enthusiasm and enjoyment and excitement will sustain me emotionally and financially. It’s that or be the walking dead. Been there, done that, nearly killed me.

These are passion-killers: guilt, self-punishment, self-judging, duty-bound, “should’s” and “have-to’s”. During the challenge, let’s try replace them with ‘don’t-wanna’, ‘aunt-gonna’, nope and ‘only-if-i-love-to’!

Take the challenge for one day. Make the choice to only do things where you express your love and passion. Let it reveal where you’re truly happy or not. Where you could bring more love, more passion, more inner happiness into your life, no matter the consequences. We don’t live life this way do we? But what if we did….


Long lastingFulfillment can’t be the getting, it has to be the giving…and receiving may be a reciprocal part of that, but it comes all by itself. Nothing we need to get from another person can be reliably sustaining because it comes from outside of ourselves and means our happiness depends on them giving it.

I’m going to find out. For a day, make it my focus, mission, priority to express love in as many ways as possible to myself, my tasks, my loves. And if I’m not feeling it, cease what I’m doing and ask myself “where is the love? And do I want to keep doing this?” and maybe even “why not”.

Kat        heart

ps, is a window to all things Amazon…and is kinder to the planet; kinder to our kids and every purchase helps me juice my way to wellness, 1 red cabbage a week!


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