To Love Anyway…


To Love anyway. This has to be the most profound, most exceptional thing one could experience or do. Anywhere, by anyone.

To love someone when they are at their lowest, their most cruel, during a very big mistake, when it appears they are the least deserving of love. This takes a true desire to learn what love truly is, to act on it and to let the desire to love anyway grow to its full maturity.



Have you ever experienced this type of love? Have you ever felt loved, I mean the real-deal feeling of love from another, even though you were in the wrong? It is heart-cracking-open material. To be loved when you screwed up, instead of being punished is beyond what words I can find to describe it. I reckon to receive that ‘love anyway’ is the stuff of real, deep, permanent change. When it happens, it is very emotional. It brings up deep feelings of unworthiness, feelings of not deserving to be love, because we are so used to being punished. Punishment is deeply ingrained in our collective and individual psyches. To receive love anyway, it is a FEELING that you are OK, even if you did the baddest of the bad, or even if you didn’t. It can’t be faked, can’t be ‘practised’. It is a real love that can’t be manufactured. It has to exist in you….or them.


What about giving ‘love anyway’ to someone else? Try doing it. Betcha can’t straight up!  Like when someone is cruel to you, mean or bullying to your child, or someone cuts you off in traffic when you’re in a hurry, or you feel some injustice is done to another. Our first response is usually a reaction, and often not a pretty one.

It seems giving love anyway  takes time. Time to sincerely see where you, me, anyone doesn’t want to love anyway. Wants to hold onto the hurt, the self-righteous anger, the “they hurt me” feeling. To love anyway must require a deep desire to learn how to love anyway… no matter what is being done to you. Love anyway would not  harm,  punish, hurt or change the person; just help them to love anyway too.


I have done it a times, given love anyway. but not with any consistency and it isn’t my first response. Some people have given this unfathomably kind gift to me, as has God at times. Love anyway happened to me today, which is why I feel compelled to write of its power. It is the ultimate way of change.

When love anyway has been given to me, I am cracked open wide. I am shown something rare and immeasurably beautiful. And for the first time I get the sliver of a glimpse into a world that could be so different to what it is now. A world I want to be a part of creating; a world I’d like to live in.


 Love anyway… Will you try it?    I pray you get to feel it. x Kat

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dave
    May 21, 2014 @ 12:29:36

    Thank you Kat, beautiful, and a wonderful reminder.


  2. Susie Criddle
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 03:10:24

    Profound! Love you!


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