The Stoma Enema…for stomates who want to detox

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My thinking is that all organs and their cells depend on nutrition. When we interfere with the transfer of nutrients from the soil into our hungry bodies, we do so at our peril.  (He was) especially convinced that foodstuffs lacking in particular  minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients predisposed people to a condition of deficiency that led ultimately to cancer. Without plants, there can be no animal or human life” Dr Max Gerson

This blog entry may only be of interest to people with an abdominal stoma.

That is because it is about how to administer a stomal ‘enema’ or an irrigation using coffee solution based on the Gerson Therapy (, for therapeutic detoxification purposes.




I have a temporary stoma, which began on June 2nd 2012 from emergency bowel surgery to save my life from a full bowel obstruction by an adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid colon. Thus, my stoma is a colostomy.

If you are reading this because you are wanting to know how to undertake a therapeutic stoma enema for liver detoxification purposes, below you will find YouTube links to a 4 part series of short video clips demonstrating how to prepare for and administer such an enema. Below is also a document about tips for conducting a stoma coffee enema.

My hope is that I’ve provided sufficient information to help you to do your own detoxification enema, before I undergo reversal surgery to remove my “tummy-bum” “and no longer experience “phanto-bum” and once again have a fully functional bum!

YouTube Links to video of doing a Stoma Coffee Enema



This is my amateur home video, but if I had one such as this when I was beginning my stoma enemas, I would have received much benefit from it! 

Part 1: Stoma Enema – Preparation

Part 2: Stoma Enema – Putting Enema liquid into Stoma

Part 3: Stoma Enema – Soaking Stoma

Part 4: Stoma Enema – Ending Enema & clean up


Every success in completing your detox enema’s!

Remember: seek advice from the Health Professionals at the Gerson Institute (, or Kathryn Alexander (Maleny, Queensland) if you are intending to undertake stoma-based enema’s or irrigations. They need to be done as part of a supervised health program for your wellbeing. The video’s provided are intended to demonstrate how to do them safely and effectively as part of such a program. For details on how to make coffee solutions for stoma enema’s contact the Gerson Institute or myself. The amount of liquid and concentration of coffee and camomile differ in a stoma enema to a bumena (rectal enema).  

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Below I have inserted the contents of the document on a Stoma Coffee Enema. 



Administering a coffee enema into a stoma of course is quite different to doing a rectal/anus enema. The coffee solution cannot be retained without a sphincter to hold it in. But, I have found a way to increase the detoxification effect by soaking the stoma opening in coffee solution for 15 minutes and keeping the site clear. It is explained below.

I also took home video of doing a stoma enema and below are the 4 YouTube links to the procedure. My hope is that you find this useful! 


Entering the Coffee Solution

©     Administer the enema solution very slowly – like take over 5 or 6 minutes to allow it to go in via the stoma.

©     Breath shallowly, not deeply. Deep breathing pushes out the liquid very quickly.

©     Stop and restart it whenever there is a blockage of faeces or a gushing out of the enema liquid into the bag.

©     Move the cone up and down to clear out fecal matter or remove a block

©     When fecal matter comes out of the stoma and pushes up the side of the enema cone, stop the flow of liquid and move the matter aside so the site is clear and then slowly resume.

©     The slower the liquid goes in, the more likely it is to enter and remain in the colon longer.

©     Use the irrigation cone to hold the liquid into the colon. It isn’t very effective when the liquid is ‘whooshing’ out, but it will hold some in better than not doing it.

©     In case of a leak from the irrigation bag don’t stop the enema, use a cloth to press on the bag over the leak, keep the pressue on and it will usually hold it enough for you to complete the enema.

©     Try not to raise your head, sit up or use your abdominal muscles. Completely and consciously relax them as any tension will push liquid out of the stoma and diminish the effect of the enema.


Soaking the Stoma

©     Once all the coffee solution has been placed into the stoma, to assist a deeper detoxification, change the position of the stoma bag to have the stoma soaked in liquid for 15 mins of rest time. As fecal matter leaves the colon, move it out of the site of the stoma, so the stoma itself is always unblocked and covered in liquid.

©     Each time wind, gas, passes out of the stoma site, it sucks in coffee solution and you can get a similar effect to holding in a rectal enema.

©     When I find that I can feel the colon contents needs to come out, or it is cramping, or only partially emptied, I deep breathe to push it out. This procedure works very well:

©     Draw in breath for 4 slow counts, hold for 16 slow counts, breath out for 8 slow counts. Do this for a cycle of at least 5 times.

Doing a “Pre-Enema” First

©     You can do a ‘pre-enema’ using chamomile tea only of 4oz (120ml) to clear out the colon ready for the coffee solution.

YouTube Links to Watch the Stoma Coffee Enema Video Clips.

This is my amateur home video, but if I had one such as this when I was beginning my stoma enemas, I would have received much benefit from it!

Part 1: Stoma Enema – Preparation

 Part 2: Stoma Enema – Putting Enema liquid into Stoma

 Part 3: Stoma Enema – Soaking Stoma

Part 4: Stoma Enema – Ending Enema & clean up













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  3. Simone
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 14:53:17

    Thank u for posting this. My husband has stage 4 rectal cancer. W
    He was doing coffee enemas before colostomy n really needs to start again. What is the recipe. U mention making the coffee solution is different. How so?



    • sunnyckat
      Jan 31, 2015 @ 03:37:43

      Hi Simone, on my links page (click this ) is the document Coffee enema Details 2 – right click it to download the word document. Make the coffee exactly as it is described. But when you use all the liquids to put in the stoma irrigation IV, here’s the recipe:

      4oz Coffee solution
      6oz Chamomile Tea solution
      6oz Water (hot, cold or warm, depending on what you need to make the entire solution body temperature or perfectly comfortable to the touch when a finger is placed into it).

      This 16oz is used to irrigate the stoma. I guess you’ve watched my YouTube clips on how to administer a coffee stoma irrigation “enema”?
      You can always phone the Gerson Institute’s education hotline too. and here’s the link to the contact page for the phone numbers and free call line too.

      Any more Q’s just ask,

      all the best



  4. Catherine Lee
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 14:41:02

    Thanks Katrina. Great info and clips. Am passing links on to man with permanent colostomy bag, and metastases through body. Effort required for procedure, but worth it. God bless and eat your raw vegies


    • sunnyckat
      Aug 23, 2015 @ 00:11:42

      Thank you very much Catherine. I’m really happy this is helping someone, one person is enough! All the very best to your friend. After one year and a bit, my reversal is working pretty well. i’m now doing rectal enema’s! I’m also very very happy to report that I’m officially cancer free….and still LOVE my veggies! 🙂 Bless you. Kat


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