Why did I get cancer?


This is THE big question isn’t it?

After my time at the CNV and with the Gerson doctors and educators, I really understood that cancer is not random, nor is it localised to or originating only from the physical site  of the tumour.

I feel cancer is a many-tentacled octopus. 


Some of the myriad reasons cancer occured in my body are:

My psychologist said i was “emotionally constipated” and couldn’t express myself freely

AJ Miller told me it was unfelt sexual shame and issues around shame

Mr Max Gerson says that long-term I’ve been over-exposed to environmental toxins such a fluoride, eaten foods lacking in proper organic nutrients, process foods full of toxicity and my liver degenerated

Dr Alan E Banik says that drinking tank/rainwater creates too many inorganic minerals in the body and these can line the intestines blocking absorption and creating illness.

I had an “unlived life”, and felt unfulfilled and had many fears to taking the steps to living this life (lots of excuses which I now see were only excuses)

From the age of 32 I’ver never fully recovered my health and energy. I experienced glandular fever, CMV virus, pneumonia and pluerisy all at once, which became chronic fatigue. My skin broke out, my energy was seriously depleted and my gut toxic. I was periodically constipated. Constipation is always a sign of: poor diet (specifically for my body), insufficient water, anxiety.

Unexpressed/unresolved rage and resentment, how I feel about myself as a woman, as a sexual being (all held in, not conscious, and leading to unhappiness in relationships).

Being hated (at times) by my mother and father as a small child in their angry smacking/hitting me, yelling at me, and me believing it to be a truth about myself; that I’m not worthing loving; I am hateful.

Upon reflection, I feel the cancer mostly comes down to this: I didn’t love my body; I didn’t feel love for myself. I “hated my guts”. That caused me to act in certain ways towards myself. I didn’t eat for nourishment; I ate for comfort. I didn’t listen to the health warning signs; I felt too afraid. I didn’t act on the things I really loved to do; I felt it was too late/I’m not good enough/I’m too old

All of the above have been, are being explored by me, alongside my helpful Psychologist, Rose and God. I need to unravel what has occured so that I can be certain it never happens again. I wish I’d had the forsight to go and seek help from someone like Rose 2 years ago. Sure, the therapeutic nutritional approach  Gerson Therapy will cure cancer, but I feel there is also deep emotional toxicity that I need to release to keep cancer and all illness at bay. I haven’t the definative answer yet, but the path to loving myself more is a good one. x

if someone eats what is useful for his health and avoids other things that may shorten his life, then he is a man of wisdom and self-control” Paracelcus 1490-1541AD


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  1. Arvarna
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 10:17:49

    Hi Katrina,
    With the Gerson Therapy, do you have to go to the clinic or can you do it from home?
    My body feels very toxic and I feel like I really need to change something. I don’t know much about the Gerson Therapy, but thought I would ask


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