How Am I Doing?

I’ve been asked by several people how I am going; is the Gerson Therapy actually working for me. The answer is a resounding YES! So far, so good, and here’s why:
Let me give you the “before” shot….
During the year 2012 up to April 2013 I was a healthy 64kg, on my 179cm (5 foot 11) frame. My hair was dull and dulling by the month and greying when before I had none. I was gradually losing weight and had dark circles under my eyes, and felt “fragile” to people who knew me and was not looking healthy or vital. Just before I had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer of the bowel (adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid bowel), my weight was down to an emaciated 47kg, my hair had no sheen and was lank and floppy. My skin was breaking out in strange brown dots that looked like old burns and i had zero energy. I was bedridden for 6 weeks. I had a complete bowel obstruction from the cancerous tumour, which in practical terms meant I couldn’t poo; nothing could come out the ‘back passage’ (as the doctors euphemistically kept calling my bum-hole). So anything I ate or drank came out via vomiting. Yeah, gross and intense. I could give you more detail but you won’t like it.
During the surgery they found my bowel was severely distended, perforated and the tumorous part all stuck up with the appendix (I got a free appendictomy with the surgery!), and some small intestine. They had a messy job to do to save my life and the remainder of my bowel. I was “lucky”, and had only 2 days to live. I was literally dying and had I not gone into emergency when I did, I wouldn’t be writing this blog now.
My progress after surgery was very slow, because as the doctors kindly put it, I was very “deconditioned”. Which is a kind way of saying malnourished, concentration-camp-thin and half-dead looking. Once I got to the Gerson clinic in Mexico and began eating only organic plant food, detoxing, taking the specific supplements and food, I began to heal rapidly. Yes, I had and still have many ‘detox days’ where I feel awful and have to go to bed. But after them I bounce on, and take a leap in wellbeing.
Now, 3 months on the Gerson Therapy here are my physical results:
  • Shiny hair, glowing skin
  • No more ‘spastic bowel’, which I was experiencing and getting Gerson help with
  • Anaemia – all gone (thanks to a specific set of food prescriptions by my Gerson Doctors)
  • Weight – gained it all back, from 47kg to 63kg
  • Energy – still gaining but growing substantially every month
  • Food cravings for junk – all gone.
  • Muscle mass is growing back (so much for the societal belief that we need meat or animal protein to gain muscle mass or to thrive)
  • Digestion – the best it has ever been in my whole life (that i remember anyway). No pain, easy “movements” and thanks to the brilliant effects of the enema’s, I’ve sloughed off enough “sausage casing” from inside my intestinal walls that my gut absorption is skyrocketing.
  • Every 3 weeks I get a full blood analysis taken (Metabolic panel with electrolytes etc, Blood count, Thyroid, Iron, liver function, pH, & urinalysis) and my Gerson physicians and I can clearly see the healing trends in all areas.
  • Immune system – working effectively for the first time in years
  • Immune resistance – I actually have some for the first time in 5 years!
  • People tell me I feel “strong” and not “fragile” and one friend even said “OMG Kat, you look better than me!”.

What is left to heal? Well, I’ve stray cancer cells circulating in my system via the colon lymph nodes that tested positive in the pathology lab and there is currently no way of testing to see if they are dead, alive, active etc.  The Gerson Therapy heals the body so it can detect and destroy these cells like a normal person’s immune system would. Iron serum levels can go up quite a bit more, the skin on my legs is sometimes dry and scaly like a lizards (I use no products on my skin anymore) but Charlotte Gerson tells me that will go forever at some point. I have some internal scar tissues to heal from the operation. I have a stoma that is to be reversed (topic for another blog post) and energy levels to resume to ‘warp speed’. It is crucial on this therapy that no matter my energy levels, I DO NOT drain my proverbial battery. I only fill it and keep it full. That is difficult for me….but I am compliant… most days!

And, no food allergies; they were all the tumour. I had a severe gluten allergy and dairy and soy. I have no food allergies, but I don’t eat those foods. I tested all that out after hospital and before Gerson to find out for myself.
Thanks to pure, organic, live food and a properly supervised detox, I am a healing machine. I certainly helps that I am not shrinking a tumour, like many of my other Gerson friends are. Yet, all 17 of them are healing just as I am with near ‘miraculous’ stories all round. Like, completely healed insulin dependant diabetes type 2, tumours shrinking from 2cm to 2mm, zero tumours and more.
In addition, the coffee enema detox readily brings up emotions. I call it the Gerson Purge. There are days when I feel so totally out of control emotionally, such rage, such intense grief and tears….like never before. It is a typical part of the healing process and that is why I am seeing a Psychologist weekly, to help me work through it in a way that is kind and caring to me and those around me.
Eating a vegan live diet like this has cured me of many emotional eating habits. I have no desire to harm my body with foods that don’t nourish it anymore. So many food addictions have been healed and resolved via this therapy. I feel one must come to LOVE one’s body to even make the commitment to doing Gerson Therapy, as it can feel very restrictive unless you come to love the food and love the process of feeding yourself it. I only find it hard when I am too tired to make another juice. My INCREDIBLE husband, Russell (theme for another blog entry…soon to come) helps me out and steps in when i just can’t do anymore, and vice versa. He is on the therapy with me, because he both wants to detox, eat the best he can and support me.
At the risk of sounding like a zealot, I feel this is the way we were all intended to eat – organic, live, fresh food. This is God’s way, and it is a path to rapid healing. This diet lacks vegetable protein, so when I am off it in 2 years time and on a ‘maintenance’ version, I may well add in raw nuts, legumes and seeds and drink less juice….but that’s another 21 months away.
ps I only drink distilled water…

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arvarna
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 10:53:50

    I had no idea Katrina 😦 great to hear you are healing. The results are amazing


  2. Dave
    Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:14:51

    Great and good on you Katrina! (and Russell). I hope you keep going well.


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