Coffee Enema’s!..the How’s & Why’s.

The first time you do an enema can feel weird. But once you’ve done the first one, the rest are way easier.  But afterwards you can feel either really good and clean inside or you can start to get detox side effects, which is also good as that means your liver and every cell of your body is beginning to detoxify and clean up. Refer to for more details ( the only authentic and original site). also has acute video clips on how to create coffee solutions and do the enema. Also has details.

What you need is the following:

« the enema bucket

« liquid castille soap (health food shop)

« plunger grade organic ground coffee

« distilled water (supermarket)

« organic chamomile tea or flowers

« food grade gloves are optional (supermarket in a box)

« a plastic sheet; like a cheap shower curtain or table cloth

« an absorbent pad (they are blue, plastic backed and felt on top, often called “blueys” and 20c each at chemist)

è     Gather All Your Supplies.

 You will need to cook up the coffee solution, the chamomile solution and some extra water (use only distilled water).

The basic enema formula (put in the bucket and drawn into the colon) is:

250 ml coffee concentrate solution

250 ml chamomile (because it soothes the gut muscles)

250 ml distillled water (hot or cold – to make the enema solution body temperature).

(if you find you’re feeling a caffeine high effect (rare but possible), increase the amount of distilled water from 250 mil to 450ml. The total enema solution amount is then 32oz or just under 1 litre). 

We make up 1litre of coffee and 1liter of chamomile solutions and put them in a jar in the fridge to be used for a few days. If you plan on doing one enema each day, this process is very economical time-wise. But if you are only doing one every other day or one-two a week, there is another formula for making one batch at a time. Below you are provided with both. 


 BEFORE AN ENEMA: It is VERY important to eat a small piece of fruit before doing an enema. Never do one on an empty stomach, as you can experience nausea and/or vomit from a reflux of bile being released by the liver during the enema.

 AFTER AN ENEMA: It is VERY important replace your electrolytes and rehydrate after an enema.

The Rule Of Thumb Is 1 Enema: 3 Fresh Organic Juices.

 If you cannot juice, drinking quality coconut water can effectively replenish electrolytes.

It is unwise to juice non-organic produce as during the juicing pesticides and herbicides etc are concentrated into the juice.

 Enemas are powerful therapeutic agents and should be done with lots of self care.


The Benefits of Coffee Enemas

  • The caffeine in coffee enemas creates a natural dialysis in the liver and intestines, which opens the bile ducts in the liver and allows toxins to flow more freely.
  • Blood circulates through the liver every 3 minutes, so Gerson patients are encouraged to hold each enema for at least 12 minutes in order to support a full cycle of dialysis. This process allows encourages the excretion of dead cancer cells and other toxic products from blood across the colonic wall.
  • Coffee enemas also decrease the quantity of blood serum toxins, cleaning the poison out of the fluid, which supports the creation of normal cells (via the glutathione-s-transferase enzyme pathway, oxidation of essential minerals is restored).
  • Coffee enema aficionados rave that clearer skin, improved digestion, elimination of menstrual cramps (raises hand), lighter periods, and weight loss are among the many benefits they’ve experienced.

For treatment of chronic illnesses, 5-6 enemas per day are recommended. As part of a general wellness program, no more than one per day (excerpt from

 Side Effects:

If performed properly, coffee implants do not cause habituation, constipation or any rectal problems.  In over 23 years of practice, I have not seen important negative effects of coffee enemas in those who need them. Difficulties occasionally arise if one has hemorrhoids.  In these cases, extra care is needed in inserting the enema tip.  Some people with hemorrhoids find the enemas irritating. A small number of people are unable to retain even a cup of water for the required 15 minutes.  One can start with less coffee or less water in these cases.  There seems to be no harm if one wishes to retain the enema longer than 15 minutes. While enemas may seem uncomfortable, many clients report the procedure is so helpful they soon forget the inconvenience.

 The History of Coffee Enemas

  • Believe it or not, the first known record mentioning colon therapy is an Egyptian medical document dated as early as 1500 B.C. Egyptians used enemas, diuretics, suppositories, and other cleansing and purification methods to cure a variety of diseases.
  • Hippocrates (460-377 BC), who is widely recognized as the founding father of Western medicine, prescribed the use of enemas as colon therapy.
  • Enemas were practiced in Mayan Ceremonies and many other Central American and South American Indian tribes. Some surviving tribes continue using this colon cleansing practice to this day.
  • The story told by Max Gerson is (and I encourage you to share) the use of coffee enemas by German nurses during World War II. Pre-surgery enemas are common practice, but when the nurses ran out of fresh water, they used the doctors’ coffee remains instead. Patients immediately noted a dramatic decrease in the pain they’d been experiencing, and so when the infirmary ran out of morphine, nurses began using coffee enemas instead.
  •  Dr. Max Gerson began using coffee enemas in his research in the early 1920′s to support the detoxification process and prevent death by hepatic coma in his cancer patients that were breaking down tumours.

 I don’t need to recreate the wheel; here’s Jess Ainscough (aka video on making the coffee solution and doing the enema…


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