A Glimpse of Gerson Daily Life…

photo 4

My Gerson daily life is a sehedule for healing and here’s a glimpse:

6.15 am – Wake, coffee enema

7.30am – Breakfast

photo 3

9.30am – Apple Carrot Juice

11.00am – Carrot Juice & Prepare slow-cooked veggie lunch

12.00pm – Coffee Enema

photo 1 photo 1

1.00pm – Apple Carrot Juice, eat lunch

2.00pm – Green Juice

3.00pm – Carrot Juice

photo 2

4.00pm – Carrot Juice, Prepare slow-cooked veggie dinner

5.00pm – Apple Carrot Juice

photo 5

6.00pm – Apple Carrot Juice. Eat dinner

7.00pm – Green Juice

8.00pm – Final Coffee Enema.


Flop down into bed, wake up and do it all again! (To great results I might add).

sleepingwoman happywoman

I have some type of supplement with every juice, only eat organic produce, and raw salads and fruits too.

In between all that is the usual daily chores, caring for a primary school-aged child and my 4-6 hours of prescribed rest per day!

After 3 months on this Therapy, I can clearly see 100% that the quality of what we put into our bodies counts 100%. If you want mediocrity from your body, eat processed, refined, salted, non-organic foods. If you want health excellence for years to come, eat clean, green, organic and vegetarian food – the best quality you can find or grow.



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