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The Gerson Therapy requires the deep detoxicification of the coffee enema’s. Usually a person does 5 enemas per day, spaced out 4 hourly. But, because I have a stoma on my abdomen, I do “irrigations” rather than enema’s. Without a sphincter muscle at the stoma opening I cannot hold the enema in for the requisite 12-15 mins.

My husband, Russell puts the enema solution into the stoma while I lie horizontal (with a special bag on. I call it my elephant trunk coz it looks a bit like that!). I position the bag so the solution covers the stoma site for 15mins and the intestine is soaked in the coffee solution and taken up by the portal blood system straight to the liver. Detox occurs in the same way – the caffeine and palmitic acids reach the liver, the bile ducts open up and release more bile and cleanse the blood  more deeply. The blood passes through the liver every 3 mins, so I get about 5 passes of all my body’s blood. Pretty good stuff!


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  1. helgapia
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 23:48:48

    Oh, thank you so much, Katrina !! ♥ What a superb description — wished we had found info like that earlier for Claus. Well, he obviously did not want to 🙂
    Claus is scheduled for his (hopefully last) surgery on Dec 16th — the reversal of the Hartman … no more stoma! His chief surgeon advised that it’ll be major surgery, high risk and will take a full day … but Claus is very excited and wants to go ahead, and yes, he is working through tons of fear daily.

    Has your procedure been done in a way that it can be reversed?

    All the prep-procedures (colonoscopies, endoscopies etc.) have been done, and they had done a similar “elephant”-thing at the hospital for Claus 🙂

    I think of you often. I cry with you sometimes (my own, but very similar emotions about having put my life on halt and struggling to pull out the plugs and loosen the breaks and drop my stern facade).

    I send you all my love ♥ ..
    and I thank you so much for sharing your journey.
    I’m inspired and feeling humbled and excited because of it.
    ~~ ♥ Helga


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