Putting up the Christmas tree today, with my family, had me in sudden tears. I didn’t know if I’d live to see Christmas. I never dreamed I’d be reconciled with my fractured family, and embraced for the person I am, believing in different thing to them and all. It was very emotional, but to have an open heart and release the hurts; allow in the love is so much better than hanging onto the old pains.

My Gerson coffee enema detox’s cause emotional detox and sensitivity as much as the chemical detox. But the chemicals are not all from  physical causes, they are from toxic emotions too. On my journey to healing cancer, I wonder who is the braver – the person who has the cancer cut out and takes it from there? Or the person who takes full responsibility for their health and wellbeing and aims to shrink the tumour, kill the cancerous cells via the detox and immune boosting natural program? What ever the case, a body can only heal if we take complete responsibility for all that we put into it and only give it food that will nourish and restore it, love it emotionally and do all the things we’re passionate about.

Before cancer, I had an “unlived life”; a life that was waiting for me. One that I was putting off, too afraid to  launch into. But now that has all changed. I am beginning to live this ‘unlived’ life and I promised myself I would tackle and face every fear that was in the way of all my dreams and desires. So far, so good.



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